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Right Way Taxes, is well equipped with tax knowledge and software to prepare and e-file your tax returns promptly with full accuracy and claim all legitimate expenses.

We do not just offer financial and tax services that are standardized. We treat you as a business partner who can build a long-term relationship and understand your business issues whereby, we can offer you practical solutions. We take time to understand your business, whether you run a small business or are an unincorporated sole proprietorship, we are here to help you with your accounting and tax planning strategy.

If you are going through any Payroll, HST, or Income Tax audit issues with CRA or WSIB, we will represent you and resolve it with the best possible scenario. After this, we will work with you to keep you out of trouble.┬áIf you haven’t filed your income taxes for past years, do not worry, give us a call. We will make the tax catch-up process quick and easy for you!

Consultation is absolutely free!!!