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Business Registration

We help business Incorporation (Federal/Provincial). We can obtain federal and all provincial name searches and NUANS report.

Business registration service includes:
  • Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • CRA Business number
  • HST account
  • Payroll account
  • Ontario Master business license
  • WSIB account


Accounting service includes:
  • Prepare income statement / balance sheet
  • Maintain Trial balance, Ledger accounts
  • Generate financial statement reports for our business clients, quarterly or annual basis
  • Analysis of Financial data for business improvements
  • Prepare reports/documents in response of CRA audit
  • Prepare final documentation for tax filing


As a bookkeeper our essential responsibilities are reporting and recording financial transactions for better accounting analysis, which allow us to advise our business clients to make more right decisions to improve their business growth.

Bookkeeping service includes:
  • Maintain bills, invoices and cash receipts into accounting software
  • Record customer bill payments
  • Record vendor invoice payments
  • Verify and record expense receipts and employee expense reports
  • Business / personal bank accounts reconciliation
  • Keep hard and soft copy record into secure place during services

We perform monthly, quarterly and annually bookkeeping for our all valuable business clients.


Payroll service includes:
  • Prepare payroll weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly
  • Prepare employees pay-stubs for each per pay-period
  • Prepare current source deductions remittance
  • Prepare slips (T4, T4SUM, T4A, T4ASUM, T5, T5018, ROE)

Corporate Tax Filing

Corporate tax filing service includes:
  • Tax planning
  • Record revenue and expense documents
  • Claim all business expenses
  • Prepare tax return (T2)
  • Prepare income statement and balance sheet schedules
  • Prepare assets list and depreciation schedules
  • Prepare HST return(s)-Quarterly/Annually
  • With online and E-mail interactive system allows you to E-file your return from anywhere

Personal Tax Filing

We claim the Government all eligible tax credits for our clients to minimize payable and maximize their personal tax refund. We help file up to the last 10 years' tax return if you missed one or more previously.

Personal tax filing service includes:
  • Prepare T1 with employment, rental, foreign and other income
  • Prepare T1 with self-employed income (for sole proprietors/partnership)
  • Prepare investment income return
  • Claim rent, donation, medical, tuition, childcare expense and other credits
  • Review with client and then proceed to e-file their personal tax return